East Anstey

Our client needed new administration facilities and a new Reception class space integrated with the original Victorian school layout on a sloping site.

With a limited budget the challenge was to create the necessary space in a style which blended with the original building while effecting a technically difficult connection to the existing structure.

This was achieved by removing the original stone-built outside lavatories to provide space and materials for the new classroom. The stone recovered from the lavatories was insufficient to construct the whole building and so was used to provide feature detailing about the windows and to provide the quoins with the remainder of the walls finished in render to match wall finishes on the lower school.

These pictures show the original structure.


  The new building.



To maintain the Victorian theme within the reception class the ceiling was partially vualted.

Originally the administration space was on the first floor of the old school house. As part of the project some ground floor space was remodelled to provide a joint admin/ reception centre adjacent to the visitors entrance.