BISF House

Meeting the brief from this client presented a new challenge. This Bristish Iron & Steel Federation house was constructed shortly after the second World War and is one of many thousands erected across the country by Local Authorities to provide much needed homes following the devastation caused by bombing.

This BISF image  is taken from sources generally available on the internet. It suggests the general layout of principle members and wind bracing posts to be found in one type of BISF home.



The following image presents a clear indication of the frame layout

The structure is based upon an angled steel frame clad with corrugated tin on the first floor and cement boards on the ground floor. This building had an asbestos sheet roof which had a significant bearing on the scope of the works and the desired outcome of the project.

Our client wanted a full width extension to the side of the building which would involve extending the roof at the same height, thereby giving the justification to remove the asbestos and provide a new roof structure with improved insulation.

Planners wanted the front elevation to be set back by 900mm from the original building with the rear elevation in line the existing. This would have created a very difficult to manage short connection with the asbestos roofing and removed the justificaion for replacement of the whole roof covering. The matter was won on appeal and a full width extension is under currently under construction


The existing building


The corrugated steel cladding can clealy be seen here. A point to note is the adjacent building still in Housing Association possession which has benefitted from a thorough refurbishment and cladding externally with insulation to improve the thermal performance of the envelope.


Work in progress

A little further along with the development. This picture shows an isolated pier on a pad foundation which allowed a smaller joist size without breaking into the existing external wall.

The front elevation with the new porch. Not much more now.