Pinhoe Road

This is a current project. Our client needed additional space in this traditionally constructed 1930's house. The obvious location for a new double bedroom, bathroom  and lounge was the unused large space in the roof void.

The project was formally tendered with four contractors selected following scrutiny of their previous works and references from their clients.

These images will give an indication of how much is available in some houses.



Making use of the existing roof shape our design required the removal of a redundant chimney to ensure a generous bathroom incorporating separate bath and shower.

With a certificate of Lawfullness in hand and full Building regulations approval for the project these plans show the proposal as it will undertaken in April 2011

Floor plans of the existing building also showing the purlin and brace layout in the roof.

Floor plans of the proposed building

Elevations showing the existing building. Note three chimneys

Elevations showing the proposed building including the changes to the roof shape and removal of one chimney.