We offer a comprehensive range of Design and Project Management services tailored to suite individual client needs and aspirations.

There are a number of modular and off-site construction systems readily available now with more innovative ideas reaching the market regularly.

A growing number of our clients make contact having identified a manufacturer or system they are interested in after undertaking some initial research. We then take up the baton on their behalf producing ocncept and full design details and coordinating with the suppliers to achieve a finished residence that meets and surpases the clients expectation while remaining firmly within their budget.


This is an example of a current project at the crest of two slopes in a village near Exeter.

With a busy family, an equestrian site and business based around musicians our client expressed an interest in a Scandinavian style log home.

Having established spacial relationships this is our initial design which forms the benchmark for assessment of two similar log construction suppliers both in terms of their equipment and project cost.


It is likely that the design will be reviewed and modified in the light of new information arising as a result of the interaction between the suppliers,Architect and clientb. This organic and healthy process is critical to achieving the clients' objectives.