Sometimes you just need to know if your project is viable. We can help to you to consider the technical practicalities and site constraints of your scheme, together with the cost and time implications and help to steer the proposal to acceptance by Planners.

Design Brief

Lots of clients struggle to achieve a precise brief to give to their architects. With our extensive experience with both private and commercial clients we can help you to accurately define your objectives and translate that into a concise instruction to your designers.

Outline Design

This service is an investigation of the design options which comply with the clients brief and is intended to establish the general style, appearance and layout of the new structure allowing the client to select which is most favoured or blend different facets of the outlines to achieve their vision.

Budget Estimates

Most clients require an accurate indication of the likely cost of their project to help them plan finance and arrange cash flow. With an outline design selected all aspects of the project in its current form can be assessed to give a clear indication of the overall project cost.

Detail Design

We work closely with specialist teams of electrical and plumbing designers and structural engineers appropriate to the scheme under consideration to produce all the detail design documents.This provides all the relevant information and drawings to allow the builder to tender for and construct the finished building in addition to comprising the information package which is submitted for Building Regulations approval.


It is important to ensure that your project is undertaken at the best price and by a competent contractor who has submitted a tender comparable with the submission of other contractors.

Depending on the clients needs we produce a formal tender package that includes all the detail design information and a specification document laid out in an easy to understand format which permits accurate comparison.

Contract Administration

Some clients wish to supervise their own projects with expert advise on call should it become necessary. Others require full supervision of the project including payments to contractors. We can tailor our participation in your project to suit your wishes while you remain in overall control.

Practical Completion & Defect Liability

Building projects can be complicated and it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all aspects of the works when nearing completion. We have a proven track record of diligence throughout the construction phase of a project and apply this to ensuring that the quality of workmanship and attention to detail is to an exacting standard.Our service extends to inspection at the end of the defect liability period and arrangement with the respective contractors to ensure all issues arising are fully rectified before final payment.